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有成本效益的, 环境友好型, and able to move a ton of freight more than 508 miles on a single gallon of fuel, rail is a smart way to move freight.


At CSX, it starts with the customer. We focus our resources understanding your business needs and providing reliable service that meets them.

Can you get my product where I need it?

我们的网络覆盖美国东部.S., with approximately 20,000 miles of track in 23 states, Washington D.C., Ontario and Quebec; and access to 70 ports. 看到我们的 系统图.


You don't have to be located on railroad tracks to take advantage of the economies of 船ping by rail. CSX提供了几个选项:

  • 载的货物服务: If you are located on railroad tracks, you can load freight onto or into rail cars, which deliver your freight to its destination. 这是载货服务.
  • 联运服务: Your freight is loaded into trailers, which are trucked to the railroad and loaded onto a train. When the train reaches the destination, the trailers are loaded back onto a truck and delivered to the site of your choice. 了解更多
  • TRANSFLO transfers bulk products between rail cars and trucks. Whether it be at 船ment origin or destination, multiple non-rail-served locations can be served seamlessly via TRANSFLO. 想要了解更多,请访问 TRANSFLO.净
  • 仓储服务: CSX serves more than 300 warehouses located in and near every major market in the Eastern United States. These warehouses link 船pers and receivers of raw materials and finished goods. 了解更多
What if I want to locate my business on a rail-served site?

Our Industrial Development group maintains a list of more than 3,000 available rail-served sites. They can help with site selection, location analysis and engineering design. 了解更多


You can 船 just about anything by rail. 事实上, take a look around you right now - you'll find yourself surrounded by products that are 船ped by rail.


As a CSX customer, you have access to a fleet of more than 84,000 rail cars. Different car types have special features for 船ping specific products. 了解更多.


The cost of 船ping freight by rail depends on:

  • the origin of the 船ment and the railroad that serves that location
  • the destination of the 船ment and the railroad that serves that location
  • 你们正在运输的商品

If you are not a current CSX customer but would like pricing information, contact our Merchandise Sales team at Merchandise@lisaraittmp.com.

Some 船ments may require additional services, which are covered in tariffs. 了解更多.

Whether you're 船ping 1 car or a whole train, we work hard to make sure your 船ments arrive on time. Check 船ment transit schedules for moves between any CSX-served locations with the public ShipCSX服务计划 工具.


CSX's 4-step process for 船ping is designed around the way you do business, so the activities involved in 船ping freight flow smoothly for you.
步骤1:计划. Look up prices, order empty cars for loading.
步骤2:船. Get your 船ment moving with 船ping instructions, and submit requests for cars to be picked up or placed at a facility.
步骤3:跟踪. Monitor your 船ments, be advised of exceptions.
第四步:支付. 管理CSX应付信息.

CSX requires that you use electronic 工具s to conduct 船ping transactions. 帮助你计划, 船, trace and pay for your 船ments quickly and accurately, CSX eBusiness 工具s are available in several formats. 了解更多.


Thinking about 船ping by rail for the first time? 更多信息请ag8国际游戏 关于CSX的工作.