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Building Materials

CSX is an integral part of the North American forest products industry, resulting in a strong and long-lasting relationship with shippers and receivers. We provide service to more than 30 lumber and 20 panel mills, 40 production facilities for construction materials and distribution centers for major home improvement retailers. A supply chain built around rail not only can lower costs, but can also improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain.

Let us work with you to find your needs for shipping all types of lumber, 胶合板, 砖, 石膏墙板, 屋面材料, 的OSB,更.


Shipping by rail can significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to shipping by highway.



我是新手. How do I get started?

How do I know if rail will work at my facility?

What if I am not located on rail? How can I take advantage of the economies of shipping by rail?