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CSX fosters a culture of safety by equipping our employees with the most up-to-date safety information. We check in with employees regularly, reminding them of the specific measures that can keep themselves, their coworkers and the communities in which we operate safe.


安全 briefings precede all of our daily activities, during which employees receive information on the sequence of a task or job, 所涉及的潜在危险, 使用的适当设备, and the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed. 一整天或整个任务, employees follow up with each other to ensure that all team members understand and remain focused on the job being performed.

We have several processes and procedures in place to ensure employee adherence to safety standards, 包括:

  • 安全工作程序 - At daily pre-shift safety briefings, employees discuss the pertinent safety issues of the day.  员工 also participate in pre-task briefings throughout the work day to evaluate safety issues in preparation for specific tasks.
  • 点安全软件 - Voluntary and full time craft workers are assigned to enhance safety, provide counsel to co-workers and provide another avenue to surface safety issues and ideas.
  • 安全重叠过程 -员工参与本地, 区域, division- and system-wide safety meetings to ensure that team members at all levels have the tools and information they need to resolve issues as they arise.

CSX employees receive on-going safety training, 包括:

  • Job-based training on safety and operating rules provided for all employees across the network annually;
  • Monthly training sessions led by local supervisors for employees, supported by updated video tutorials;
  • Regularly scheduled train accident prevention and safety skills training and continuing education.

需求 & 规定

There are several governing bodies that regulate employee and operational safety in our industry.  Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations govern appropriate personal actions, 安全标准及设备. The Occupational 安全 and Health Administration (OSHA) sets standards for worker safety outside of train operations and track/signal maintenance.

Above and beyond the rules set by FRA and OSHA, CSX has its own safety and operational standards to which we hold all CSX employees accountable. 这些包括:



CSX sets a high bar for operational safety. To verify that we are meeting our standards, we continually monitor our performance against internal and external requirements. This ensures we are able to safeguard our employees, the communities in which we operate and our customers’ freight.

Periodic certifications ensure operational safety compliance in our terminals and mechanical shops. CSX management also conducts continuous, federally-mandated operational testing of CSX employee compliance with operational and safety standards.

At CSX, safety is not just a management function. Within our culture of safety, CSX employees are encouraged to observe their peers. If operational safety hazards are observed, we require employees to intervene as a means of rectifying the issue immediately.

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