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CSX is committed to protecting the environment and the safety and health of the public, customers and its employees in all aspects of the company’s operations. We strive to minimize impacts on the environment and the communities in which we operate. We work to maximize the business and its positive impacts by delivering the best service to our customers. The company’s decisions and actions are guided by the following principles:


  • 进行安全操作.
  • Leverage the CSX 环境al 管理 System to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, internal policies and best-management practices.
  • Train and empower employees to fulfill environmental responsibilities. Communicate openly with employees, customers and the public regarding the company’s environmental programs.

Fuel 效率 and Supply Chain Engagement

  • Improve our environmental footprint by utilizing state-of-the art technology and pollution prevention efforts to reduce energy and fuel consumption and minimize waste through comprehensive recycling and reuse initiatives.
  • Assist customers in reducing their transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by promoting highway-to-rail conversions and continually seeking to improve our locomotive fuel efficiency.
  • Take environmental stewardship beyond CSX by encouraging suppliers to follow environmentally sustainable practices, engaging in public-private partnerships that promote environmental responsibility, and fostering communications with communities and public agencies where we operate.

Water 管理 and Conservation

  • Recognize water availability concerns and manage our water consumption by identifying and implementing water reduction, 回收及再用措施.
  • Maintain the quality of our water discharges by applying good operating practices.


  • Take immediate action to report and respond to situations that could negatively impact the environment, 例如未经授权的倾销, 释放或其他事故.
  • Maintain broad business continuity plans and site-specific operating plans to maximize responsiveness to events that could include those resulting from extreme weather or shifting populations.


  • 探索, test and implement the use of alternative energy sources and energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Protect local biodiversity and habitats while managing properties, constructing new facilities and managing remediation projects.
  • Continue to improve environmental performance by setting and reviewing targets and goals that protect people and the environment using sound business practices


CSX also created a 公共安全, Health and 环境 (PSH&E) 管理 System – certified under the requirements of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care initiative and guided by standards set by ISO 14001 – to promote, 测量, track and improve compliance and sustainability across operations.