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Progress continues at the site of the 匹兹堡联运铁路终点站 to keep us on track to complete construction and open the terminal in the middle of 2017. 从下个月开始, 我们将开始建造航站楼的行政大楼, 哪一个将作为码头运营的主要活动中心. 获取最新信息, 在这个页面的右边栏可以看到我们最新的社区更新, and be sure to follow our 脸谱网 group (search 脸谱网 for “匹兹堡联运铁路终点站”) or check the “保持联系” section below for more ways to keep in touch.


2015年9月底, CSX began construction on the 匹兹堡联运铁路终点站 in Stowe Township and the Borough of McKees Rocks, 匹兹堡附近, 宾西法尼亚. The 匹兹堡联运铁路终点站 includes CSX investment of more than $60 million to redevelop the site of the former Pittsburgh & 伊利湖铁路车场,已经运营了100多年.


CSX is excited to take part in revitalization efforts in the Sto-Rox area by creating transportation savings and stimulating economic activity. The new facility will connect shippers in western 宾西法尼亚 directly to CSX’s extensive intermodal freight rail network, shifting long-haul freight from highways to railways and strengthening the transportation infrastructure that supports the regional economy. 该项目还将在建设期间创造就业机会, 以及与码头操作相关的长期工作机会, and additional expected jobs in the region as a result of improved transportation access and distribution opportunities for local and regional businesses.


CSX is excited to take part in revitalization efforts in the Sto-Rox area by creating transportation savings and stimulating economic activity.

自2013年10月宣布该航站楼的选址以来, 该项目得到了当地的广泛支持, 县, state and federal level officials; economic development associations; community organizations and other stakeholders.

The terminal is an important connection in CSX’s $850 million National Gateway public-private partnership, which is creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation network that allows shippers to take advantage of the economics of double-stack containers between Mid-Atlantic ports and Midwest consumers.


CSX is working with local officials to make sure the terminal complements the local industrial development already underway, including efforts to revitalize downtown McKees Rocks and bring new businesses to the industrial park adjacent to the rail yard. We’re proud to support the work of our partners in McKees Rocks and Stowe Township, including the Stowe Township Commissioners and McKees Rocks Borough Council, 以及Focus on Renewal, 三一商业开发, 和麦基石社区发展公司.


Terminal construction will occur in five main phases, with some work overlapping. The timelines below are general outlines of when work is expected to occur. Factors such as weather and other unanticipated events may impact timing of each phase; we will update the community if significant delays are expected. We will also continue to share information about terminal operations as we move through the construction process.

  • 阶段1: 许可和设计-完成! CSX已经获得了所有必要的施工许可.
  • 阶段2: Site Preparation – CSX will demolish existing structures within the terminal footprint and prepare the area for construction, and install silt fencing and other erosion-control measures at the site and the underground utilities needed to support facility operations.
    Timeframe: Beginning fall 2015 and expected to continue through the first half of 2016.
  • 阶段3: Buildings and Electrical Construction – CSX will construct buildings and install energy-efficient LED light poles.
    Timeframe: Expected to begin in late 2015 and to continue through fall 2016.
  • 阶段4: 铺路- CSX将完成作业区域的铺路工作.
  • 第五阶段: 轨道工程——CSX将建造新的铁路轨道.
    Timeframe: Expected to begin in late 2016 and continue through the first half of 2017.

安全是CSX的重中之重, and the construction of the 匹兹堡联运铁路终点站 will operate under a site-specific safety and security plan that helps ensure the safety of construction crews and the community. CSX and its construction contractors will communicate with local officials and first responders to ensure the safety of on-site workers and our neighbors.


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